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to ramble on about hating someone is getting to me

why should i bother with making scenarios of deaths ?
no guts to make them reality.

my mind is beginning to scare me

its thoughts and feelings are too strong for me
its actions are beating my continence

the name the name
is becoming a curse

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and my mind blurred my heart with unspoken scenarios.
I imagined, dreamed, and fantasized about our moments of forever.
To become someones ownership, no one will ever forget that.
To be skinned from faults, and be put together with promises makes everything okay.
To have the touch of a first night, and the kiss of a goodbye.
Maybe this is how it was and should have been.
Promises never meant anything if they where forgotten with new memories.

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& when i hear you praise the lord
small figments of the mind
i hate that man
the fucking lies
no one cares that i am lonely
cut the ties with slimy pigs
ripped the pride of an unwanted kid

happiness, i get it all.


fucking sucks.

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                                                                           and i still haven't found god

and my thoughts cant stop rambling on themselves 
and my mouth still tastes of all the truth i spat lastnight
and you don't even care
                                      how can i trust you ?                                                                                                                                    how could it hurt me more to say it ?
sad life is sad
i need to stop pretending